Sarah Nind







ARTIST'S STATEMENT:  Excerpts on Narratives

Through the use and juxtaposition of mixed-media with digital technologies, my work aims to investigate the edges and interaction between traditional and progressive means of visual creative expression.  The overall purpose is to develop an individual sensibility regarding material application and process, and through experimentation of structures to speculate on the potential of image making and its conventions.

My recent production -- (non)fiction, 2004; Short Stories, 2005; and Objets Perdus, 2006 -- have examined how narratives of popular entertainment mediate our understanding of identity and the world we inhabit.  These bodies of work were conceptualized as the meeting point of the documentary photograph, filmic image, and subjectivity of paint.  The images in these recent series are both harmonious and disturbing, accentuating the division between memory and mnemonic reality.

désir”, 2007,  addresses the image(ination)s of landscape and cityspace, the two seen as mirrors of each other, both offering the desire for home as longing rather than fulfillment.  Within this theme, the environment is understood through ambiguous viewpoints – the actual vs.  the imagined city; the romantic vs. the distressed landscape.  The architectural grid, metaphoric of the underlying structure of our urban reality, is seen as being an extension of the patterns of nature.  Mnemonic traces of the grid overlay both city and landscape.

As a narrative, this recent work was created from personally documented imagery and  fictive stories from popular media.  Through their meeting and fragmentary weaving together, the stories are intertwined to the point where the distinction between fiction and fact is blurred: the real and fictive become indistinguishable, paint and photograph, while distinct, become one.

Ultimately, my work examines the literary and artistic influence of popular culture on personal narratives, and questioned the significance of media and filmic entertainment on our understanding and vision of self.  The idea of the culturally mediated narrative, as seen in my work, can be understood as an ongoing dialogue between the private and the public, the traditional and the contemporary, the poetic and the profane.