Sarah Nind



2017:   Luna Blu
2016:   Pistes et Points
2015:   film scores
2013:   interjections
2012:   broken landscapes
2011:   re: development
2010:   displacement
2009:   lost dimensions
2008:   mnemonic structures
2007:   traces
2006:   objets perdus
2006:   désir
2004:   (non)fiction
2001:   paysages fragiles
1999:   (whisper)

Public Commissions
2010:   sidewalk tango
1997:   pine cones

Past Work
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1997 Pine Cones

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Pine Cones is a public art commission in Toronto, Canada, located on the water's edge promenade of the city’s harbourfront.  Pine Cones references several fragments of histories of the site.  These include the histories of the site as an ancient seabed, as a watershed in postglacial time, and as the projected place for a future urban metropolis. The major element of the project is a text that runs over the course of the site, from the north to the south.  This text, written in 1831, by the French explorer, Joseph Bouchette, acts as an early historical memory of the water basin which was to become the Toronto Harbour, and the site for "the future metropolis of Upper Canada".