Sarah Nind



2017:   Luna Blu
2016:   Pistes et Points
2015:   film scores
2013:   interjections
2012:   broken landscapes
2011:   re: development
2010:   displacement
2009:   lost dimensions
2008:   mnemonic structures
2007:   traces
2006:   objets perdus
2006:   désir
2004:   (non)fiction
2001:   paysages fragiles
1999:   (whisper)

Public Commissions
2010:   sidewalk tango
1997:   pine cones

Past Work
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2004 (non)fiction

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(non)fiction examines how narratives of popular entertainment mediate our understanding of identity and the world we inhabit.  The work was conceptualized as the meeting point of the documentary photograph, filmic image, and subjectivity of paint.  Through their meeting and fragmentary weaving together, the stories are intertwined to the point where the distinction between fiction and fact is blurred: the real and fictive become indistinguishable, paint and photograph, while distinct, become one.  Ultimately, (non)fiction examines the literary and artistic influence of popular culture on personal narratives, and questions the significance of media and filmic entertainment on our understanding and vision of self.